My story

When I returned from the hospital,I wasvery weak. I didn`t manage  standing while changing the sheet.Itwas also difficult changing 
since there hadn`t yet become any regularity in the flux from the stomy.

When I was going to put the sheet over the stomy, there became a squirt all over the stomy. 
Then Ihad to find another sheet. Istood pressing so much that my legs started trembling.
At last I had to sit down at the edge of the tub because of my weakness.
Then Igot an idea. I went outside to the garage and found a bit of steel wire and some other parts. I put this together with a hoop.
Next time I changed the sheet,I put on this belt. I fastened a garbage bag in the hoop and in the waistband. The flux then ended in the bag. This was great relief. Now I could sit and walk as Ipleased, and use the time I wanted.
After a while I started getting sore under the sheet. Then I contacted my outfit supplier.
I got a tube of a barriercream and information telling that a squirt on the size of the head of a match was enough. I smeared it outwards and dried surplus cream away. I then  put on the sheet, but it fell off after a short while. I put on the belt again and washed away the cream. Next time I changed  the sheet, the wounds were much better. The cream must have worked, I thought. I smerared richly with cream, bowed the hoop. Then I could wear my dressing gown. I went to the living room to watch TV.
After half an hour I washed away surplus cream with compresses and lukewarm water. I let it dry while I made a hole in the sheet. I rolled sausage of paste (4-5mm) which I put around the hole in the sheet and squeezed it a bit flat until showed in hole. The paste then worked as a packing around the stomy. It also function as convex sheet except that it is softer. I dried away the secrete on the stomy and put it on. After three days, I was going to change the sheet again but it was so stuch that I had to use a bit strength to get off. After this experience, I am sitting several hours to give the skin time to absorbe the cream.
A membrane was created on the skin. After starting this procedure I haven`t been sore under the sheet. 
I only change once a week after training. The sheet is well fastened. In my daily workI am a carpenter witch means different manual work and lifts. Another experience I have done is to change before going to bed. Then the sheet becomes warm and soft. It adjusts to body in a better way. I also use stomisafe. So in this writing moment I am using the belt